7 hiking trails that you should visit at Divcibare

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28. August 2017.
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7 hiking trails that you should visit at Divcibare

If you decide to visit Divcibare make sure you plan for yourself at least one walking tour and get acquainted with the natural beauty that this mountain offers you. The configuration of the Divčibare terrain provides easy access to all heights and landscapes.  The hiking trails are marked, so you cannot miss it, and there is always a sign below the name of the trail at the signpost, which is expected to cross the entire trail with a slight walk.. In addition, you do not have to exert great physical effort to master the ascent of certain trails, allowing you to fully relax and rejuvenate. Hiking in Divcibare has become a real attraction, practiced by many tourists, especially during the summer season, when hiking is a real pleasure here.

Hiking trails Divčibare The trails are made so that you can really get to know every part of Divcibare, they are fully provided for a pleasant walk, so if you walk all the hiking trails you will get to know Divcibare completely. If you do not like to walk alone during the season there are organized walking tours that lead through Divcibare, so you can easily find your company to enjoy the recreation. Divcibare is visited annually by a large number of lovers of light walking in a completely natural setting.   Walking and hiking are one of our guests favorite pastimes and we will therefore list you all the tours shown in the easy walking distance from the center to the specific trail that you can visit during your stay at Divcibare.

Hiking trails and walking tours:

Crni vrh, Paljbe, Mali Golubac, Ljuti Krš i Stražar – 30 minutes

Velika Pleć, Vučiji Mramor i Veliki Golupac (which had a magnesium carbonate mine) – 45 minutes

Lazova Kosa – 60 minutes

Osečanska Straža – 90 minutes

Veliko Brdo, Pear and Skakala Waterfall – 120 minutes

(this hiking trail is quite strenuous, so it is only recommended for younger and atletic people)

Mali Maljen – 150 minutes

Veliki Maljen – 180 minutes

Hiking trails are a good recommendation for all those who, due to certain disabilities, are unable to engage in sporting activities that require great physical effort.  Also useful for those who need a walk for health and recreation, but also for all those who like to get to know nature and socialize. Every moment you spend on Divčibare will be a unique and very interesting experience for you, and if you decide to visit the hiking trails, we believe that your vacation at this tourist place will be complete.   Hiking trails are our warm recommendation for your ideal vacation and recreation that will bring you strength and a smile to your face.