Cottage Lazić
11. October 2019.
Cottage Bajka
11. October 2019.

Weekend Complex Lazić

Cottage Sova Lux

Cottage Sova Lux is located on Divcibare in the village of Ljuti Krš near the hotel Crni Vrh. Located 1000 m from the center or 500 meters from the nearest supermarket. This villa of 200m2 consists of four bedrooms (4 + 3 + 2 + 2) which have their own bathroom. On the ground floor there is a spacious living room connected to the 60m2 dining room which is an ideal place for more families to be together.

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What do we offer?
High standard!

Weekend Complex Lazić, Cottage Sova Lux

Accommodation guests have at their disposal:


Exclusive interior

Cottage Sova Lux offers fully equipped kitchen with associated appliances, baby cots, large porch with garden furniture + grill, mosquito nets in all rooms. Anti-allergy mattresses, pillows and bedding.

Air condition

Guests can heat and cool in a way that suits them, depending on the room, time of day and day of the week, so that the temperature in the cottage is always perfect. It has air conditioner with inverter.

Beautiful nature

Every moment you spend at Divcibare can be quite fulfilling, because it offers so many, many interesting things that can make every day here completely unreal and unforgettable.

Wi-Fi & Cable TV

Enjoy high-speed, free Wi-Fi, as well as numerous HD and regular TV channels for the perfect atmosphere. Our cottage is equipped with a modern TV and DVD system.

Confortable bathroom

Cottage Sova Lux offers a fully equipped bathroom with all the accessories and appliances. Towel dryers designed to provide heat intended for heating and drying towels.

Illuminated & paved driveway

Reach out and enjou. Your arrival at Divcibare can change everything, become a true lover of holidays in Serbia and always come back to this place that made you feel excellent

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