Cycling trails

Cycling trails

Cycling trails on the Maljen Plateau Mountains at Divčibare are a real challenge for all mountain biking enthusiasts as well as recreational enthusiasts. Divčibare's geographical position in relation to the major cities in Serbia, terrain configuration and altitude of 980 meters make this plateau an extremely attractive location for two-wheelers.

Magenta trail

Divčibare - Mali Maljen - Tometino field

Divčibare - ukupna dužina 32km

Divčibare - Mali Maljen - 10.3km

Divčibare - Tometino field 13.1km

Mali Maljen - Tometino field - 8.6km

Plava trail

Divčibare - Kaona - Podbukovi - Divcibare

ukupna dužina 33.3km

Divčibare - kaona - 8.4km

Divčibare - Podbukovi - 15.5km

Podbukovi - Kaona - 9.4km

Zelena trail

Dičibare - Ražana - Kaona - Divčibare

ukupna dužina - 31.5km

Divčibare - Ražana - 13.7km

Divčibare - Kaona - 8.4km

Kaona - Ražana - 9.4km