Teodosić Bought Autocamp „Breza“

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30. August 2017.
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Teodosić Bought Autocamp „Breza“

Belgrade firm SPORT AGENT d.o.o. , whose owners are famous basketball player Milos Teodosic and his brother, Jovan Teodosic, bought „The Breza“ campsite on Divcibare, which spans about 2.2 hectares, and the campsite facilities for 208.500 euros.

Yesterday, Teodosici signed a contract to purchase the campsite “Breza” specifying that the construction of the sports complex will be completed untill the end of this year.

The details of the contract and Teodosic’s plans for the start of construction are currently missing official information, and as we have been told by the City Administration, “the public will be informed in due time”.

According to unofficial information from www.kolubarski. rs, a project of a sports complex in Divcibare will be completed by the beginning of september, after which a contractor will be selected, which could start as early as october this year, in order to be completed one year before the deadline set by the contract by 2019. year.

The future owner of the campsite “Breza” should build a hotel with related facilities, congress hall, fitness center, swimming pool, then, indoor sports hall with ancillary facilities, roads with parking.  Building outdoor sports fields for basketball, football, handball and volleyball are just some of the obligations a buyer has to fulfill.  The contract contains two clauses obliging the buyer to bring the parcel to the purpose within three years, otherwise it will be returned to the owner, and in the event of termination of the contract the seller will retain 20 percent of the purchase price.

Deputy Mayor Dragan Jeremic did not want to talk about the details of the contract and the start of the works, saying that the sale of Camp “Breze” was of great importance for, above all, the development of Divcibare but also for the City.  He added that “through persistent negotiations with the Teodosics, he was able to get them to think about the Breza Camp at all and that it was now up to the City to help their idea worth millions of euros be realized with supporting infrastructure”.

– We will speed up the works on the construction of sewage and roads, as well as on the reconstruction of the electrical network in Divcibare.  The construction of a sports complex on the site of the former Breza Camp is a great chance for Divcibare, which we must take advantage of. Thanks to Teodosic, Divcibare will come to life again and we are grateful to them – said Deputy Mayor Dragan Jeremic.