3 reasons why the children that spent time outdoor are happier

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28. August 2017.
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30. August 2017.

3 reasons why the children that spent time outdoor are happier

Nowadays, many people are unable to spend some time in nature with their children due to lack of free time.  Many families do not have a yard of their own, which is why children prefer to stay at home at the computer. However, children need fresh air and physical activity, which is why parents who find a way to have a family out-of-home make their child a healthier life.

Improves health Children who do not spend enough time in nature have a deficiency of vitamin D, which is extremely important for their development and is crucial for activating the immune composition. Staying in nature also has a positive effect on your children’s eyesight and less often they need glasses. Many pediatricians talk about the importance of staying in nature and recommend that children spend at least one hour a day outside to protect themselves from obesity and diabetes.    

Reduces stress Research conducted shows that children who play outside more often have a longer attention span, are better off at school and more easily tolerate frustration. Fresh air and physical activity stimulate good mood in children and reduce the tendency for depression. Children are calmer, beeing outdoor promotes children’s senses.

Initiates creativity and problem-solving ability  If they have the opportunity for free and unruly outdoor play, the kids will get along better with their classmates and be happier. Social inclusion, regardless of gender, race or intellectual ability, is easier to take place in natural settings. Playing outside develops the creativity and imagination of children because it is smarter than playing on the computer. Schools that use outdoor classrooms and other forms of nature teaching, give children to more innovatively address challenges and problems and achieve greater academic success.

Spend more time with your family in nature. This will allow you to get closer, create wonderful memories, and at the same time benefit your health. Give your child a healthy development and they will be grateful for that.