Why is being in nature good for your health?

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28. August 2017.

Why is being in nature good for your health?

Are you tired of everyday life, constantly working and feeling exhausted? If your answer to the previous questions is positive, then it’s a good time to turn off your computers and phones, pack your suitcases, and go on some relaxing nature vacations. Staying in nature is a kind of “reset” for the body and mind that positively affects the overall condition of your body. These are just some of the reasons to leave it all at least for a short while and head to some relaxing place in nature.

You sleep better We all know that staying in nature has a positive effect on our sleep.  According to a study from 2013. year, by the University of Colorado, during your stay in nature, the more you follow the sun, its movement, which causes you to go to sleep in a reasonable time. These results came from observing campers staying in nature for one week, after which researchers concluded that sleeping away from artificial light had an effect on resetting the biorhythm and boosting the immune system.

You are completely off You must be aware of a range problem for mobile phones and the internet – which is actually a wonderful thing. There is usually no reach in nature and this will greatly help you to relax and get away from everyday phone calls. This will make you less compelled to constantly look at cell phone screens, which is very useful for your eyes. Recent research shows that overuse of technology can lead to anxiety or sleep disorders. On the physical side, overuse of the screen can cause neck pain, which can be really uncomfortable.

It leads to weight loss Walking, being one of the main activities in nature, is very good for your health. Walking has a positive effect on your body, leading to the burning of calories resulting in weight loss. Being overweight adversely affects your body, burdens your immune system, resulting in a reduced ability of the body to defend itself against daily attacks by bacteria and infections. If you have not yet planned your hiking route, we suggest you visit Golubac or Crni Vrh.

Your mood will improve If you live in the city then you know for sure how crowded traffic and congested traffic can negatively affect you and your mood. This is why staying in nature is crucial to your mental health. Some studies have shown that just a few minutes of walking in nature daily can significantly reduce the symptoms of depression, that is quite present in people living in urban areas. Staying outdoors also has a positive effect on reducing negative thoughts that could potentially lead to mental health problems.

Increases inspiration Man, as a human being, is inextricably linked to nature. We feel the need to pause for a minute and enjoy the sunset or watch the endless glow of stars in the clear sky. Therefore, it is necessary for you to have a rest in nature and to enjoy all the magic that nature offers you. This can help you gather the extra energy and clear your head over what you need to overcome the obstacles that await you at home.. Staying in nature provides many more benefits, and our advise is to pack your suitcases as soon as possible and find your little paradise on earth.  Turn off your cell phones, bring along just what you really need (don’t forget your camera – capture all the natural beauty) and embark on an adventure that will make your body extremely grateful.